Warranty Term of

A) Warranty terms
The manufacturer guarantees the device identified in the Sales Invoice to the Final Consumer under the conditions and deadlines listed below:

1. The Product Warranty Period consists of:
Legal guarantee: 3 months
Contractual warranty: 9 months
Full warranty: 12 months

1.1. Legal guarantee
The components: towel dispenser and soap dispenser, faucet, tub, valve, siphon, filter, hydraulic part connecting the faucet and other external plastic parts are guaranteed against defects and insufficiencies of the equipment that are proven to be due to defects in manufacturing materials, by legal term and 90 (ninety) days, counted from the date of delivery of the product to the consumer, based on the Sales Invoice to the Final Consumer.

1.2. Contractual guarantee
The manufacturer guarantees the device duly identified in the Sales Invoice to the Final Consumer, against any manufacturing defect that appears within 270 (two hundred and seventy) days, a period that will be counted from the end of the legal guarantee, duly proven, based on the date of sale contained in the Final Consumer's Sales Invoice.

B) General warranty conditions
1. The warranty covers the removal of all defects or insufficiencies that are due to defects in material or workmanship, and any defects must be reported immediately to the factory.

2. Warranties will be provided without any burden to the consumer and do not cause an extension or restart of the warranty period. The replaced parts and pieces become the property of Laveco Indústria e Comercio LTDA ME.

3. The place where the free warranty service is provided is at Fábrica do Laveco. Recurring expenses for transporting the device, as well as travel and accommodation for a technician (when applicable), will be borne by the final consumer, regardless of the time or nature of the service.

4. Laveco Industria e Comercio Ltda ME will only assume the warranty if the equipment is accompanied by the Sales Invoice to the Final Consumer and within the deadlines specified above. In cases of warranty, the equipment must be delivered to the Laveco Factory. When sending the equipment to the Factory, it should be noted that the equipment is well packaged and in its original packaging, with a complete indication of the sender, and if possible accompanied by a brief description of the defect. Please check the Factory address before shipping the product.

5. Laveco Indústria e Comércio LTDA ME is not responsible for any personal or material damage arising from the improper use of the equipment. We are not responsible for damage caused to floors, surfaces or other objects that have been improperly treated. The warranty also expires in cases of damage to the device due to the use of inappropriate chemicals; of connections and installations contrary to the instructions; improper handling, as well as failure to observe the operating instructions. breaking of seals, use of dirty or impure water, filter not replaced within 6 months, absence of filters, use of parts and components that are not recommended by the manufacturer (properly marked and identified) not to periodically clean, and exposure and equipment storage in a different way than indicated.

6. The LAVECO portable sink is approved and recommended by health inspectors. The LAVECO brand mobile sink uses a soap dispenser with bactericidal refill that is APPROVED BY ANVISA . LAVECO also has a statement from an advisory that reports that the lavatory meets all requirements of SANITARY SURVEILLANCE. If you need one of the documents, ask our team. As this is an innovative product, WE RECOMMEND that you present the product to the surveillance inspector before purchasing the product. If for any reason any inspector of any segment disapproves of the use of the equipment, LAVECO will not accept the return of the product.

7. The warranty does not apply in cases of corrosion or rust on accessories or in the washbasin due to salt spray or the use of inappropriate products.

8. The warranty will also terminate automatically upon verification of defects caused by repair and maintenance services performed by persons not instructed or authorized to do so.

9. Upon expiration of the term of this warranty, all responsibility of the manufacturer will cease when the terms and conditions described herein are valid.

10. Upon receipt, immediately unwrap the box. If the equipment presents damage to the packaging or if there are any irregularities that will affect the aesthetics or use of the equipment, do not sign the invoice or receive the product. Write damaged in the invoice and ask the carrier to return with the equipment. It is the consumer's right not to accept a damaged product upon transport. In this case, contact a Laveco consultant/attendant to resolve the problem within 24 hours. After this period, the company LAVECO will not be responsible for the exchange or reimbursement of values.

11. The quality and duration of a brushed stainless steel dispenser comes from several factors such as: time of use, product/fluid inserted in it and even weather conditions in which it is submitted.